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Notice any uncomfortable drafts in your home? Do you have windows with chipping paint or ones that get stuck when you open and close them? These are all significant signs that you are in desperate need of some new windows. Kingdom Construction installs high-quality window replacement that will not only prevent drafts but will also cut heating and cooling costs in half due to their energy-efficient properties. Our windows are built by top manufacturers and are specifically engineered to look beautiful and function even better than they look.

window replacement windows will help your home

Here at Kingdom Construction, we have many different styles of windows to choose from, all with added benefits for your home’s efficiency and well-being. Below are the reasons you should definitely consider window replacements for your home.

  • Energy-efficiency: New windows will seal your home and make it airtight. This means you won’t lose conditioned air in the warmer and cooler months when you are heating or cooling your home.
  • Improved aesthetics: New windows look beautiful, especially when you pick a style that complements the other exterior elements of your home, such as your siding and roof. Replacement windows are noticeable, adding a dramatic difference from windows that are worn down and chipped or cracked.
    Increased home value: window replacement greatly increase the value of your home, whether it’s for personal gain or you’re looking to resell your home.
  • Comfort & safety: Our window replacement windows will reduce noise, making it easier for you and your family to enjoy spending time inside. The enhanced comfort replacement windows bring is measured by the amount of natural light you’ll gain and drafts you’ll lose. You and your family can enjoy a quiet, comfortable and safe home with windows that easily lock and allow natural sunlight when the curtains are open.

We have multiple window replacement options to choose from

When replacing the windows in your home, we can help you find the right style and type. Insert replacement windows can fit perfectly into your old frame. They are economical and easy to install, without the hassle of removing the old interior or exterior moldings. They are also easy to wash and maintain.

Sash kits are another option for a quick and economical replacement. Just like insert-style windows, the old frame remains. Because sash kits have no frame of their own, they simply slide on vinyl jamb liners that are fastened to the existing jamb. However, sash kit windows are only an option where window frames are sound and square. They also tilt for easy cleaning and maintenance.

There are also full-frame replacement windows that require the removal of moldings, which increases labor. However, their advantage is that they do not shrink the visible opening the way insert replacements do, allowing you to increase or decrease window size.

Our windows are available for homes in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and surrounding areas of Indiana. If you are interested in beautiful, new windows, give us a call today at 1-765-573-5899 or click below to get started!

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Window Installer | Indiana | Kingdom Construction

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